1.3 Acre Land

We are proud to announce that we recently acquired a 7500 sq ft warehouse in Mansfield, Texas. Our team now operates from this location. We are open to public & focused on supplying an even larger supply of Air Ride Suspension merchandise. With over an Acre of land, we're excited to see what kind of development we'll get into next.


Newmatics started in a small home garage in 2008. Some of you reading this may remember the days when you used to meet with someone at a shopping center to buy parts locally. In 2011, we rented a small run-down warehouse in Arlington, Texas to gain a more commercial presence for customers. With hard work, the support of our customers, and proper planning, we've come a long way & purchased our own property in Mansfield.

Its thanks to all of you that we got this far. And we'll make sure that we continue to do our best serving you - just like we did from the start.