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Air Lift state of the art Digital Ride Height Controllers available in two sizes and two different configurations. These come in 1/4" and 3/8" Manifold with onboard ECU comprising of 32 Bit processor for faster response and reaction time. These are available in pressure based as well as pressure and + Ride Height based with leveling arms. Air Lift Offers a limited Life time warranty on all of these systems. The Air Lift Digital Ride Height controllers are 3P- Pressure based only (Add on ride height sensor capability later on), available in 1/4" as well as 3/8" Manifolds. The Air Lift 3H- Pressure as well as Ride Height sensor based, comes in 1/4" as well as 3/8" Manifolds. These are simply plug and play systems with 5 presets compared to standard 3 Presets available on all other Digital Programmable Ride Height Leveling controllers.
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